English Swordsman Character Simulator

All in one Game Simulator for Swordsman Online.

  1. Icarius Framework v1.14

    Framework fixes

    * You can now save a build without a name, guild, server, etc. This was due to a more recent change to the system that should of worked flawlessly, but doesn't.
  2. Icarius Framework v1.13

    Added new option when creating select lists with the icariusSelect plugin.
  3. Icarius Framework v1.12

    This release brings the following fixes or enhancements:

    Fixed duplication bug found within the RunFunc function. What would happen in the case the developer does not want the RunFunc to run is that this function would re-run again regardless. It would recreate the entire section a user is looking at on the simulator without properly destroying the dom elements for that section. This will cause event handlers to the existing dom objects to be binded twice thus running their...
  4. Icarius Framework v1.11

    This release brings the following improvements or enhancements:
    • Removed unused variables
    • Added function to get full name of the simulator. This removed the same code being repeated throughout the simulator and saved a bit on file size of the framework and reduced amount of variables used.
    • Removed hard coded English text and put it in the structure file so it can be localized easier. However, there are several other aspects of the framework that still has hard coded...
  5. Icarius Framework v1.10

    This release is series of updates that have occurred from v1.04 of the Icarius Framework up to v1.10. All the patch notes are bundled into one entry.
    • Font awesome added to Save Slot tooltips
    • Removed unneeded quotation in text in the Theme Viewer window
    • Font awesome added to Select a Theme and Preview in the Theme Viewer window
    • Select options now have a black background instead of red (Dark Theme only)
    • Added the Character Photo functionality to the simulator. It...
  6. Icarius Framework v1.04

    This release includes the Theme system and defaults the default theme to the new Dark theme. You can switch between themes by clicking on the themes button in the toolbar. Your choice will be saved via your browser's local storage instead of a cookie so when you come back to it at a later time, it will load up that theme instead of the default.

    This release also brought missing features such as Race and Gender options which are currently not activated in this simulator. There were also...
  7. Swordsman Character Simulator v1.03

    Here are a few improvements over v1.02
    • Some code was optimized and/or improved
    • If any Mastery node has 0 for a stat, it does not show now like once before.
  8. Icarius Framework implemented

    This simulator was upgraded to the all new Icarius Framework. Your build URLs / Save Slots are automatically converted to the new infrastructure of this framework. However, the framework does not import the following:
    • Videos
    • Guild Website
    Save Slots with no Character names still work. Just that for some reason, the framework could not set a name for that save slot. Re-saving that build will fix it.

    It is recommended to re-save over ANY save slots you have used....
  9. Swordsman Character Simulator v1.02

    • Updated to Hailstorm framework v1.07. This removed several things from the simulator and added new functionality. The design of the simulator was also changed due to the new simulator bbcode
    • Renamed Node names
    • Renamed Stat names

    This new update was tested minimally so there may be bugs.