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Staff News Another Vacation?!
Eh, I've been working quite hard on my new framework for my existing and future game simulators. So much so that I'm wasting a lot of time off the clock working on this when it could be spent elsewhere like sitting on my butt.

While I am the core developer of this new framework that I still consider to be in beta and the fact that I really don't want my other staff members to mess with the code yet (unless you are programmer who can understand code you don't really know and what its doing), I am letting Emiri take over the project for me while I take another "vacation." Probably another two week vacation. She is more than capable of taking over the project considering all the new features to the framework and the bug fixes are nearly 100% complete. The only thing left really that needs work is the new Guild Website viewer.

I will play a minor role starting today. I'll still be posting on the forums and whatnot, but I won't touch the code for the framework unless its something Emiri really needs help on figuring out. I will really be doing what I want and just chillin for two weeks. Probably play that new Atelier Shallie game coming out soon and troll some forums as usual. Might also do some site related stuff like new stuff, fixes, etc, but not much.

Remember, Emiri and Iori work on their own time. They are not obligated to work on the simulator their entire time they are off at their real life job and/or other activities. Typically, we only become obligated depending on any donations we get. Even though I say that, Emiri will try and work on it as much as she can.
Eh, don't feel like sharing exact details, but the monthly update in March for the EoS simulator will be split into two parts. The first update is a major update to the framework and other bugfixes with the simulator. There are some things done in the simulator itself, but this update has the most changes in the framework. Several things have been either altered, added, or removed from the simulator. For most of you, this is NOT the update you're looking for.

The second part of the update which I call the content update to the simulator has the updated UI for the simulator with updates to several graphics and other things to the simulator. The about tab works and has class info. The ability to have up to 5 different builds per talent tree is also working in this update.

No release date on the first half of the update, but that will be soon. Like this week soon hopefully. The second half of the update will be later in march, probably near the end, but thats just a guess.
Nothing too special or of concern for the public. The only change I'll actually let you know was that the style was updated to support font awesome v 4.30. The other changes aren't of concern to you. If the site has some weird issue, just clear your cache. Should work fine after that.
Another hotfix release for the ISIS framework. This affects the Echo of Soul simulator. This fixes what fixes what should of been fixed the past 2 updates with the tooltips either getting stuck or disappearing too soon. Its definitely been fixed now. The fix was simply adding a split second delay. So now you won't get 5 billion tooltips showing at once and now they won't disappear. I discovered the bug while working on the dev version. I thought this crap was fixed. It was working fine in v1.03 >_______>.

Editing obfuscated code was not fun either >____>, but I wasn't going to release the build I'm working on right now for the simulator.
Eh if you are familiar with the forum software on this site, then we had to upgrade to Xenforo 1.4.5. I think they released that today or yesterday or somethin. Anyways, as expected, updating was painless and smooth as usual. There might have been performance increases, but nothing major. If you are curious on the changelog for Xenforo, then you should go check it out via the official site. Otherwise, this was just another successful maintenance and this news article is letting you know everything went well.
There was another critical bug found shortly after the release of version 1.02 of the framework/simulator. We thought it would be a simple fix, but it turned into something that took hours. At some point, everyone just took a break and left for a while. Reyva continued debugging though. So after 5 hours, he found a fix for the problem with the simulator. Here are the patch notes that Reyva wrote.

ISIS Framework v1.03
  • Fixed the problem with tooltips only staying open for 3 seconds for Mozilla Firefox users.
  • Fixed the problem with notifications disappearing as soon as you hover over a tooltip. This was a aftereffect of the fixes applied to tooltips being stuck in limbo that wasn't known until after the update. This aftereffect could have also affected the modal windows
  • Provided a all in one solution of tooltips getting "stuck" that doesn't cause any kind of aftereffect on other things on the simulator. If you somehow get a tooltip "stuck" from hovering really fast over a lot of them, they will disappear in half a second.
  • Altered tooltip display animation. They open really fast, yet have a smooth animation. By default, animations should be quick and not slow. This is why the animation system won't be complete until the March update
This is a hotfix release resolving a issue where the simulator will not save your stat values for Food Limit, Energy, ??? PVE, ???? PVP. Essentially, any stat field that is decimal or percentage based. Since this is a hotfix release, it also includes other fixes and new additions that were being prepared for the March update. Some of these fixes and additions may be incomplete though.

Here is the list of all the changes made to the simulator/framework in v1.02
  • Thailand Servers are removed. If you had one of those servers selected, it defaults to the USA Beta server. There is no notification letting you know this due to the immediate rush of this hotfix release. A notification will be present in the March update.
  • The alternative solution to the Grayscale effect on skill icons for Internet Explorer 10+ users has been updated.
  • The character photo now appears correctly under IE10+
  • Tooltips now automatically disappear after a few seconds or when leaving the point of origin of the element (i.e Hover over a skill icon and put the mouse cursor on something else). If the tooltip gets hung up and you still see it even after you leaving the point of origin, it will now disappear in a few seconds
  • When switching classes, the simulator now resets everything.
  • My Talent Trees section was added to the Talent skill section under the skills tab. This lets you have up to 4 different builds for x or y Talent tree (i.e Shooter & Tuner for Archer). You can rename those build names to what you want by clicking the rename button. However, due to the hotfix release, this is not functional yet.
  • Animations were altered for some of the reset stats sections.
  • Modal windows animations were altered. Incomplete for now only everything except the Hotkey window
  • The hashtag symbol (#) does not appear anymore in the URL after resetting your build. A new way of loading, reading, and resetting build URLs was added that is HTML5 reliant. This...
We finally got around to our February release! Here are the patch notes for both the Framework and Simulator.

Echo of Soul Simulator v1.01
  • Added Reset Buttons for Talent Trees
  • Added Reset Talent Tree hotkeys. In the Hotkeys window, it will say T then 1 will reset Talent Tree 1-1 and X then 1 resets Talent tree 2-1. The reason why its 1-1 and 2-1 is because you are able to have up to 4 different builds for each tree. You just can't switch yet to Tree 2-2, 1-2, and so on.
  • Added Hotkey to switch between Talent trees. Pressing G then 0 will switch to the first Talent Tree while pressing G then 1 will switch to the next one. So pressing G then 1 for Archer will switch to the Tuner tree
  • Added Hotkey to reset all Talent Trees. The key for this is F. Note that it will reset ALL talent trees meaning the future ones like 1-2, 1-3, etc.
  • Critical Dodge stat was changed to Critical Evasion
  • Cursor is changed to a pointer when hovering over Talent Skills. Has a aftereffect on Skill Points.
  • Level Text is not cut off anymore in Firefox
  • Save Slot Window height has been adjusted/fixed. However, it seems to only affect Chrome users.
  • Talent/Common skills now have animations when switching classes via hotkey. None of the browers does the animation correctly, but chrome does after heavy use and firefox does it perfectly for the ending animation.
  • Adjusted Utilities menu bar (Hotkeys, Save Slots, etc) display
  • Removed hardcoded text that still existed within the simulator. Mainly the Talent Skill Tree Names (Shooter, Tuner, etc) and Class specific stats like Spirit, Concentration, etc.
  • Removed Isis specific references dealing with Level or Class.
  • The simulator will now remove all of your talent skills for x or y bracket if you do not have enough skill points. So for example, if you were level 60 and had 2 skills selected for the level 54 bracket. Then you decide to change it to 54. At that point, you have 1/2 SP for...
Eh I got my right hand smashed at work and I'm not in a great condition to work on stuff. Its nothing major, nothing broken, but its a pain in the rear to use my right hand. I might do some small stuff like finish up some small things I'm working on for the next version of the EOS simulator, but other than that, I probably won't be back to working on this stuff until Saturday or Sunday. Thats no big deal since I promised that I would release monthly updates to the simulator meaning I could release a version update on the last day of February.

I'm forcing Emiri to hold off on doing the Korean version of the simulator until further notice. I rather push this update to the simulator out first then we can move forward. There are several changes in this new update.
These can only be viewed by admins now. They used to be publically viewable by anyone. The reason why they are now locked to only admins is because clever folks like yourself can easily steal my source code for my framework / simulator and use it for your own projects. The non dev simulators have obfuscated code aka unreadable code for humans..........unless ofcourse you are robot haha.

This obfuscated code is also put on my CDN which is cached for the next 50 years I guess. Ofcourse, I could clear the cache, but the point is for it to be cached until the end of time.

You are still able to view the DEV simulators, but they just won't run or depending on the simulator, won't display at all. So for example, The EOS DEV simulator won't display anything to ya. But for administrators, it displays and works.

Fortunately, majority of people stay off these pages, but all it takes is one guy who knows what they are doing and bam, someone rips my hard work heh.
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