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I'll add the greatsword class to the simulator today. Initially, it will NOT have the translated version of what Aeriagames has as I have to go directly in the game and find out. I do not have access to the game client files anymore so a lot of things like the Mastery section will not have the translated data.
I announced in a previous post that the current wiki system would be replaced with a new one after the final remaster of my game simulators were complete. I thought about it and I have decided to keep the wiki that exists on this site. My original intention for the site wiki was for it to be a lightweight wiki and not a bloated one like that one I was going to add.

If you want to know what wiki I was talking about, its this one located here. Vaultwiki is a nice wiki, but I feel its...
Game Simulators Skill data updates....
Someone updated the doc sheet for the Echo of Soul simulator. I haven't looked at the changes, but if they are legit, I'll apply them sometime this weekend.

I know Aura Kingdom is releasing the Greatsword class or has released it. It will be added "soon." Like next week soon.
Eh in my next release of my game simulator framework, Hailstorm v1.09, brings a lot of changes on a global scale for all existing game simulators. The simulator remaster I'm working on right now for PSO2 is the one that will be receiving this latest and greatest update.

I cannot go into great detail about it, but its a internal restructuring yet again. The update brings more automation to the table when making these game simulators thus cutting down on development time and the structure...
Game Simulators PSO2CS Remaster
Yeah I'm working on it. The simulator will be vastly different vs the old one and will take some time to get used to, but its nothing big. Certain things in the simulator will be merged into one. So for example, You won't have to click on class info to get change your class levels. Nor will have to do the same for your craft levels.

There will also be functionality written in the simulator where if you click a single button, it will max out all your photon arts and techs for you....
Game Simulators The final simulator
The last simulator to be ported over to my apps section is the PSO2 Character Simulator. After waiting for so long, the simulator is finally going to be updated and ported over to the apps section. Unfortunately, the PSO2 simulator was pushed back to last because the other simulators were easier to port over.

I do not know how long it will take me to update the simulator and port it over. The simulator uses a very old version of the Hailstorm framework and a significant portion of...
Yes, you heard right. The new Echo of Soul simulator will be ready for use this Sunday. Technically, it is complete right now, but there are some final adjustments that need to be made and the simulator has to go under full QA. Unfortunately, my QA team as of right now consists only of me! Once it passes QA, I will create the User Guide and other pages and then its time for release!

Remember, the old Echo of Soul simulator will be removed from this site once the new simulator is...
Game Simulators Hailstorm Framework v1.08
The new Echo of Soul Character Simulator will feature the latest and greatest framework release filled with new features and fixes from the prior version. HS FW v1.08 focuses on mostly on naming schemes and user interface improvements. Its not a significant update, but it does change some things.

Naming Schemes

IDs/classes need to be consistent.

User Interface Improvements

A real interface is drawn on the simulator instead of what has been done so far.

Echo of Soul...
I've taken a different outlook now when designing game simulators. A true character simulator that will calculate your stats for you and the equipment simulator part of it is functional, you will be able to add your character photo.

One that does not will not let you add your photo. There may be some exceptions to this, but if you do not see a stats section in the simulator, odds are, the ability to add a photo will not be there either.

What does this have to do with Echo of Soul?...
Site News Changes
Soon, I will be active again on the site. I am planning on doing some major revamps to things.....namely the wiki.

The first thing I need to do is finish updating all game simulators to the latest version of the hailstorm framework. I need to get the scarlet blade, echo of soul, and pso2 simulators moved to the apps section.

Then the wiki will be rewritten.......more like replaced with a superior one. I'll port over all the aura kingdom crap but not anything else.

I'll be performing...
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