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Staff News On break
In case you're wondering what the progress is on transitioning the Scarlet Blade, Echo of Soul, and PSO2 Character simulators to the app section, its on hiatus for now. I decided to take a break for once. I'll probably be working on porting over the Scarlet Blade simulator near the end of this week and then the Echo of Soul simulator. I'm probably going to push the PSO2 character simulator update to near the end of August.

While I say the above, it doesn't necessarily mean it will...
Game Simulators Screwup?
Eh, made a change this morning on my phone that caused any of the game simulators in the apps section not to display properly. It was due to the mis-configured css tag.
The new apps section has a update section. The front page of the site will show those same very updates. So no more posting of updates for game simulators. However, let this be the final one. The Swordsman Character Simulator was finally updated to v1.07 of the Hailstorm Framework and was moved to the apps portal.

Your saved builds are still there and build urls still work. You will just be redirected automatically to the new location.

The Scarlet Blade simulator will receive the very...
Game Simulators Under maintenance notices
Back in the days, when I had to do a major simulator update, I had to shut down the entire site. Today however, that isn't needed anymore. Each simulator can be shut down and put in maintenance mode.

The reason why I'm bringing this up now is because I have to take the Swordsman Simulator offline as its about to be moved to the apps section. In the Hailstorm Framework v1.07 release, there are several changes to the structure of a simulator to the point to where certain functions will not...
Eh, it was a long hard two days and documentation is not 100% complete yet, but the simulator is now finally released to the public. While I did not have my Quality Assurance person, I tested everything in the simulator to the best of my abilities. I did not find any issues.

The old simulator is going to be removed shortly after this post and from now on, you will have to use the new simulator. Good riddance finally..............

Other simulators created under the Hailstorm framework...
Game Simulators AKCS Final Preparations
So I finished the Envoy Path section of the simulator today. The brand new Envoy Path simulator's code vs AKCS-NT's EP simulator code is like light and day. Its leaner, meaner, and most of all, makes more sense and is better coded.

Unfortunately, there aren't many differences between it and AKCS-NT's version as far as features are concerned. You still cannot deselect Envoy Path skills (For a very good reason).

Other than that, the design both UI and code are vastly different.

With that...
I am one more step towards completion on the Aura Kingdom Character simulator remaster. As of tonight, I have finished the Mastery section. Here are some details about the new mastery section.

  • It doesn't check your Level to see if you are able to select a higher ranked skill. Instead, in the skill display section, you will see your level beside the current rank's level.
  • The skill display section has been remastered to show you ALL of the data for the skill you have selected....
Staff News Busy week.....
04 has already been a busy week for me and the coming days don't get any better. Depending on how things go, I may or may not be able to complete some projects here game simulator wise.

The main things that make my life harder this week were/are

1) Working a 14 hr shift today at work (Who wants to work on their side projects here after that?!)
2) Interviews galore job wise.
3) Tree of Savior beta tester (WooT lol). I played like 2 mins of it (Cuz I'm freaking tired),...
Game Simulators August 2015 Plans
Here are my plans for the month of August in regards to simulators. First thing listed is the first thing I will be doing.

#1 - Finish the Aura Kingdom Character Simulator remaster
#2 - Begin/Finish the PSO2 Character Simulator remaster / move this simulator to the apps section on the site.
#3 - Update framework for Scarlet Blade Character Simulator to v1.07 / Make adjustments / move this simulator to the apps section on the site
#4 - Update the Swordsman Character Simulator (Same as #3)....
I have not forgotten about this simulator. I decided a month or so ago that I would not upgrade this simulator to the Hailstorm framework due to major incompatibilities mainly with the new build URL structure and just how things in general are handled.

However, I have made a new section on the site. Its called the Apps section. Now what I can do now is convert the EoS simulator to use the Hailstorm framework instead of ISIS, but you WILL NOT be able to have old build URLs work from ISIS...
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