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Here are the simulators that will be worked on this week and what the updates SHOULD contain:

Echo of Soul
Update to skill information and checking in game to see if they did any major updates that caused the skill tree to change

Aura Kingdom
Add new Eidolons, get new Specialization section of the simulator out of Release Candidate stage, and add Ninja class skills (Priority is to set all to N/A however)

Change skill names for a few mastery skills (Yeah, I...
So......what is my next project? I was going to do Blade and Soul until I said..............I DON'T KNOW A THING ABOUT THE SKILL SYSTEM IN DEPTH! I've come across many games that I've worked on where I really didn't play em in the first place and figured it out, but not B&S. I played in the alpha and beta, but not much since I didn't want to spoil the game too much.

Working on such a project would drive a lot of traffic back to the site........................but I feel that doing a...
Game Simulators Icarius Framework v1.08
The Aura Kingdom simulator actually has all the missing features in the simulator added to it now. These are things present in all simulators such as the Guild, Video, and Import photos section. The reason why it hasn't been added to the other simulators yet is because additional graphics have to be made for the new features brought to the simulator and I was too lazy to do that. I will do that sometime this week. I will probably update all the other simulators tomorrow (Monday).

Game Simulators Simulator Updates!
All simulators were updated today along with the Swordsman simulator finally getting the upgrade to the Icarius Framework. These updates were mostly bug fixes that were discovered shortly after the Swordsman simulator was released. Well I did state when I released this new framework and these new builds of each simulator that there may be bugs lol............but I didn't realize that there were bugs for each and every simulator LOL.

For Echo of Soul, the Reset button works for the Class...
Game Simulators Two simulators left
The Scarlet Blade simulator was updated today to the new framework. All that is left is to update two more simulators. Those two simulators are the Swordsman CS and the PSO2 CS. The Swordsman simulator shouldn't take long to do. Less than a day. The PSO2 simulator however will take quite some time due to the fact that it was the most outdated simulator on the prior framework and that the code is quite complex. Depending on how I feel about it, I may even drop the project totally....
Game Simulators Icarius Framework release
Finally released and the Aura Kingdom simulator got it first. However, those users will be the first to see any new bugs that exist within the framework / simulator. Over the coming days and/or weeks, all simulators in the apps section will be updated to the current build of the Icarius Framework. Here is what simulators will get it next:
  • Echo of Soul
  • Scarlet Blade
  • Swordsman
  • PSO2?
The PSO2 simulator is a MASSIVE revamp of the old one so it was put off to be the...
As expected, I am pushing back the update for AKCS and the Icarius framework until next week. Only reason is because I've been offered overtime at work all week and well..........I'm taking that since they seldomly offer it. My next day off from work is next thursday and its for 3 days. However, I will do my best to try and push out this before then.

I have not touched anything with the simulator or the framework since my last news posting unfortunately as I haven't had any time. If I...
Eh, the new game simulator framework, Icarius, progress is going smoothly. I initially stated elsewhere there are issues after issues with working on the new framework and existing simulators making certain things that exist currently in simulators compatible in the new framework. The new framework uses parts of the prior framework's code, but all together, it is yet again, a completely new codebase. Things are done very differently and the framework just doesn't understand whats going on...
Eh, I haven't been slouching like one would expect. I have been implementing and adding snippets of code from the hailstorm framework that improve upon the core base of the framework to the Icarius framework. So far so good. I would go into detail, but I doubt I could explain it so easily. Lets just say that progress is going so well that I feel by the end of the week, a lot will be done for it. To the point of maybe even a release if all goes as planned.

My only concern would probably...
Game Simulators Icarius Framework
As of tonight, I have finally started working on the JS code for this framework. This is the up and coming framework coming to all game simulators starting with Aura Kingdom's simulator. The AK dev simulator page currently hosts the new framework and you can see the initial design there if you want, but there is nothing you can do on it yet since its locked to admins.

The Icarius framework is a complete re-write of the Hailstorm framework. This framework takes what the Hailstorm...