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Game Simulators Scarlet Blade Skill Tree
So we're at that final point to where we can make the skill tree system for this game. However, its going to take longer than expected maybe because I have a ulterior motive. Some of you may wonder why are you spending such time on a simulator whose game population is in the pits (i.e not many page views). It really doesn't matter how many potential views I get. Its mainly for development purposes.

My overall goal with my framework really is to auto generate these skill trees. Right...
Game Simulators Inspirit Online?
Some people wonder what future games I'll be doing game simulators for. Unfortunately, I do not have a concrete list yet because I'm not 100% sure I want to do a simulator for x or y game. There is usually a reason why I make simulators for some of these games.

So lets get to the point here, there is a new game called Inspirit Online. Personally, while the game has nothing on PSO2 in terms of combat, its still not a horrible game. Especially compared to games like Echo of Soul (Don't...
Things are going well with this new simulator. Everything is completed besides the Equipment Info and Skills section. The design looks really really badass. However, I have not done the following:

Animations. Every simulator will have different animations. Currently, it is using the PSO2CS animations
Framework updates. Hailstorm v1.02 brings numerous changes and fixes with some additional new features. Some of these new features deal with animation.

Once the above is completed, I'll...
Game Simulators Never be first
Hmm.....remember the old saying of "slow and steady wins the race?" Putting it in simulator terms, the later a simulator is developed, the better it is both design and code wise.

While every simulator on the Hailstorm framework will be updated to meet both design and code standards, they necessarily aren't updated on the spot. So lets take the newly created PSO2 Character Simulator. A fabulous simulator that was sci-fi themed.

While everything is fine with the functionality and...
Yup, PSO2 simulator is done so I get to finally do what I've been wanting to do forever and that is to upgrade the old simulators on the site. Thanks to the framework itself and PSO2 for laying out the template for everything, doing this simulator will be a breeze.

The new Scarlet Blade simulator uses the Hailstorm framework, the cutting edge framework for simulator development. The following new additional features will be added to the new Scarlet Blade simulator:
  • Framework...
The old simulators on this site (Swordsman, Scarlet Blade, Aura Kingdom) will NOT let you enter in your character's stats in the hailstorm enabled simulators. It will automatically do it for you. The catch is that it will only do it for you if we have the information we need to automatically do it for you.

PSO2 for example has a extensive database and wealth of information about it that we were able to have the simulator automatically add your stats. These other games may not and if...
This update adds additional Hotkey functionality for the simulator.

Hotkeys for setting max level for Photon Arts, Class, Class CO SP, Techniques, Compound Techniques, and Crafts were added. Take a look at the Hotkeys section to see what keys are binded to the thing you want to do.

Additionally, a Japanese version of the simulator was created on the wiki, but nothing exists on it yet.
Both the Hailstorm Framework and the PSO2 Character Simulator were updated to version 1.01 today. This release included the automation system for both the framework and simulator. Besides the automation system, PSO2-CS only had one additional fix which was a simple removal of a unused array variable from the Technique Info section.

The automation system lets us add new content to the simulator with worry about a simulator's build URL structure. What the automation system will do is if...
Game Simulators Whats next?
Well.......Echo of Soul simulator won't be updated to the new framework for sure. Nothing is really wrong with it anyways and people like it.

So now its between Scarlet Blade, Aura Kingdom, and Swordsman. I'd rather work on the easiest one first. Scarlet Blade is the easiest since its the most basic. Swordsman is less annoying to work on than Aura Kingdom.

After that, new projects will be worked on. Yes, I'm still considering Blade & Soul, but I know jack squat about that game as of...
Yes, you heard right. The PSO2 character simulator is finally complete and released to the public! Go check it out! I am however.................going to relax and take a break for a while before working on anything else. I got a 3 day weekend coming up and I'm NOT going to spend it working on anything site/simulator related.
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