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Familiar with it? At the top right of your screen should be your username, inbox, and something called alerts. By default, you would click on alerts to see anything. Now we do like facebook and show these alerts as notifications. They appear at the bottom right of the screen.

So now when someone replies to your thread for example, you will see that notification pop up at the bottom right of your screen. This is pretty useful, at least for me. Its totally configurable in your profile options so you can go back to the old way if you want.
Yup, you heard right. While we serve our content to over 80+ locations all over the world, it has now been increased even more. Our locations in Russia was very very few with one location in Moscow I think. Now there are several new locations in that area:
  • - Blagoveshchensk
  • - Kazan
  • - Novosibirsk
  • - Saint Petersburg
  • - Tyumen
  • - Ufa
  • - Yekaterinburg
  • - Vladivostok
Now content served on this site will be served to the closest local areas in relevance to these areas if you live over in Russia and are close to one of these areas. The only con to more locations is more out of my wallet though, but who cares about that am-i-rite :rolleyes:?

I will enable these locations shortly after this news posts.
With the EoS Simulator finally done, I'm taking another "vacation" for a week. Its not really a vacation vacation as I'll still be going to work at my rl job. I pretty much worked on the new framework and EoS simulator nonstop so I feel I deserve a break :wacky:.

I'll still be active on the forums.....mostly the EoS simulator forums and maybe some random junk like moving stuff to the new cdn on Aura Kingdom's wiki pages. Ya can bug me if you want, but you're better off talking to Emiri if you want something done :bag:.
Site News Site Upgrades
Added the followin stuff to the site over the course of yesterday and today....
  • Last post as avatar on forum threads
  • Post ratings
  • Quotes with avatar
  • Multi Quote
  • Login with Twitter
  • Login with Google
  • New portal system
I made many many many several additions and/or changes to the site template as I was never done with it in the first place. I'm still workin on some stuff that still needs to be addressed. I probably won't be done with all the changes for a few weeks seeing I'll miss little stuff.

I am also converting most of the site's files from my old cdn to my new cdn. The new CDN has over 80+ locations and is a lot faster than the other one I used. The main reasons for moving to it was because of how I developed my latest game simulator, purging, easily configurable, and less of a pain to upload stuff. A lot of stuff........mainly the wiki and old simulators need this done. The rest of the site is or should be converted to the new CDN.

I also cleaned up the forums by doin the followin:
  • Removing/Creating thread prefixes
  • Moving forum threads around to their appropriate spot.
Lastly, the one nice feature about the new portal page on the homepage is that you won't ever have to click on page 1,2,3, etc. Its called infinite scrolling fo sho.
Echo of Soul Simulator Public Version Not Updated Anymore
If you have been looking at this simulator, it is now on lockdown. You will be able to see all the changes and additions made to the simulator as of 1/12/15, but anything after this date you will not see on the simulator. The simulator is being updated based on the new site template that only admins can access.

On the site when switching templates, each one has its own unique styles and file structure. This means that I can make changes in Template B that aren't present in Template A. This is the case here. The EOS simulator is in a way hidden from public view even though you can still access the simulator's page itself. The only thing that can change is if any additional / removal of HTML is done from the page itself.

When the site template changes, that is when the simulator is completed. Hopefully it won't be long folks.
Echo of Soul Simulator Status Report?
Eh, I was hoping to release this baby on Sunday, but didn't. The main reason being that I had to create the skill data database for the simulator. After that, I got hit with another one of those "coder's blocks" where I couldn't do anything for the skills section.....or more specifically, the Talent Tree section.

Even after I got the design finalized, implementing it was another problem. Once I finally got that done, it was implementing the jquery/ajax/json code and getting that working.

The good news is that the talent tree is half functional. This means you can view skills and whatnot. Bad news is for now, everything says N/A for the name of the skill and description. Everything else such as selecting skills for the talent tree to how many skill points available is not done. In other words, the validation system for that section is not done yet. Even some design elements are missing from it.

Common skills? They are done for now. Translations seems horrid, but Emiri will work on that later. ETA on release on this simulator is still this week despite the setbacks.
Echo of Soul Simulator It Begins
Tomorrow............the skills section I mean. Kinda worked out the kinks with the framework and simulator today. I could start on it today, but I decided that it may be better to wait till tomorrow? I may work on the design a little bit, but as far as implementing everything on it, nope.

Like I said before, it shouldn't take long to do this and once we're done, we'll make any other final preparations and then the simulator is then in production state meaning you can post build links and whatnot.

The soul and about section won't be done until later.
Echo of Soul Simulator Inhouse Fighting
How should I put this? Lets just say I completed the first part of the simulator a couple days ago and could move on to adding content to the skill tab now. However, something occurred after the next day.

Since the simulator uses JSON and ajax, the data files are housed on our server. They are supposed to be on our CDN. However, for some reason, Amazon Cloudfront is pretty retarded with adding the origin header so the json files can be read from that domain to this one. Everything is set up correctly, yet its not added.

So it was suggested that I look for another CDN provider. Thats where the headache started. For one day, I tried one CDN service and spent a day trying to get it configured like I wanted, but no dice. I would of loved to use that one, but it ain't happening.

So I got another one and this one is working like I wanted. I should be able to add the origin to the header np. However, I don't know yet seeing as I just configured it today. This also means that we are moving to a new CDN and now everything will be rerouted to it.

For this simulator, the process shouldn't take long at all. However, for the rest of the site, thats a different story. Anyways, the other issue was that I should refactor certain pieces of code that need improvement in the framework before moving on and setting up the language paths and whatnot a lot easier.

So probably what will happen is that I will rename the simulator's current path to eoscs/en to signify that this is for the English version. So this means if you already created save slots, you'll have to create them again.

Doing the skills section shouldn't be too hard so I expect to have everything done by next week. I could be wrong, but I am confident in having this done by then.
Echo of Soul Simulator Final Strech
Well we are finally getting there. I have worked extensively on the framework for the simulator and we are finally at that breaking point where we can focus on adding EoS specific stuff to the simulator like the skills section.

Unfortunately, we are not there just YET. The following needs to be done first:
  • Tooltip/modal window design (EoS specific since every simulator will have a different look) and anything within those tooltips/modal windows
  • Remove hardcoded animations
  • Checks for any code refactoring / optimization
  • Framework Documentation written on the wiki
  • Simulator About section
  • The utilities sub menu (Hotkeys, Save Slots, About, Forums) buttons need a hover effect applied to them
  • Master Reset Button needs to have its own unique button style
  • Bottom tabs (Stats, skills, etc) need to have icons placed beside the text
  • Save Slot photos need to change according to class
  • Updates to tooltip and modal text. Things like fixing typos and grammar mistakes
  • Guild website link text css changes and something else in regards to it
  • Most of all, TESTING TESTING TESTING across different browsers and users!

After that, we can move on to finishing the simulator for now and then making a public release! Hopefully, it won't take long, but there is no telling considering what I'm doing is new territory for myself. If I had to guess at a ETA, maybe in a week or two, it would be finished?
Echo of Soul Simulator Almost Done?
When I say almost done, I mean in regards to the framework itself. There are now two parts of a simulator:

1. Framework - Which is what runs the simulator
2. Simulator - Things specific for that simulator

The one you will care about is #2. In regards to #2, that means the skills section of the simulator. That is still not completed. However......

I have about 90% of the framework done. This means on that simulator, everything from adding Youtube videos and your Guild website to adding your character photo is done. The last 10% that needs to be done is....

1. Save slots system
2. The submenu that contains the Hotkeys, About, Save slots, and Support forums
3. Minor framework updates, mainly dealing with animation and prehaps some other things

The save slot system will definitely take some time to do. Like I said, its a big upgrade from the old save slot system in the NT simulators. The submenu shouldn't take long to do. After that, that is when you'll see the skills section of the simulator worked on and then completion!
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