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Game Simulators Our Next Project
Now that the Echo of Soul Character Simulator is completed, we can move on to our next project. This project is something major. By major, I mean its going to be a very hard simulator to do. The next game simulator we are making is for Phantasy Star Online 2.

This is a COMPLETE simulator meaning its going to have everything it possibly can aka can do almost everything the in game client can do. This includes the fabled "gear simulator section" completed for the simulator which I have yet to do for any game simulator.

The simulator will be getting our next generation framework which I call Hailstorm. This is a evolution of the ISIS framework which is now discontinued. The Hailstorm framework will 1-up the ISIS framework in every department such as speed and memory performance. It will be even smarter than ISIS. It will also fix some of ISIS's shortcomings which I won't mention here.

Woah're discontinuing a framework which you just completed recently? Yeah lol. The EOS simulator will get the Hailstorm update at some point after its completed so its not like its being left out in the dust.

Both the PSO2 Project and Hailstorm Framework is what I call a "Summer Project." The ETA on finishing both should be before Fall. However, do know when I say before Fall, it can be completed any during the summer or even before summer starts. The ETA is just some kind of range that I can give you or a guarantee that it will be before then.

If you want to see a blueprint / work in progress on the new pso2 character simulator, go find its page on the wiki and look at the current blueprint lol. At some point, it will disappear from view until completed when the actual design is completed and the framework is implemented.
I started on this project in January. After receiving much help on it over the course of the months, I can happily say the EoS Simulator project is complete and the code for it is finally stable and optimized. My framework is also complete for now. The code for that is also stable and optimized. The design for the simulator is also complete.

We now have a fully functional simulator designed to be extremely easy to update unlike my old simulators which are based under the NT framework (fake framework really). No more will you have to wait a long period of time before important things like skill data is updated on the simulator.

While it was a team effort, I put a lot of time and energy in developing both my new framework and this simulator. It is nice to see the fruition of my efforts and hopefully you feel the same when you using it. It is definitely not something that was put together overnight. I spent hundreds of hours developing the framework and simulator.

While the project is complete, its not over yet. Nothing is ever over. New things come to the game that will also come to the simulator. However, for now, its complete. The version history can be found here which includes changes up to v1.10.

Whats next? Well I'm personally taking a break and will be focusing on other aspects of the site and do some gaming. I leave things to Emiri.
We are pleased to release the next version of both EOSCS and the ISIS Framework v1.08. This update focuses mainly on bug fixes and is considered a maintenance release. While this version has been tested to its fullest extent, there may still exist bugs within the simulator. For the full rendition of the patch notes, click here.
This is a bugfix release that fixes Armor/Defense Rating values not saving its values to the simulator/build url and the Total Armor Rating not adding those two Armor Rating values together. If you try it now, it should work.
Its April and its time for another monthly update for this simulator! As always, we thoroughly tested this build before putting it on the live version that you use. However, we cannot guarantee that absolutely no bugs exist. This build brings in several improvements, bug fixes, and other changes.

Patch Notes

ISIS Framework v1.07 [Reyva's Changes]
  • Character Photo Editor was not using the new design to display its content like the other modal windows. Updated the code to reflect that
  • Character Photo Editor now doesn't close the window if you get a error adding your photo
  • Modal windows in the ISIS framework that needed animations got animations for certain things. Character Photo Editor is a example
  • Many hotkeys were removed from the framework. Not listing them. They were removed due to the recent changes in the UI thus not needed anymore. Performance increase maybe
  • Added isis.velocity function. This is basically the animation engine the simulator uses. You can either use this or the animation engine's syntax
  • Updated a few functions where if you didn't give a parameter, it would return undefined or cause the simulator to crash. Now they have a default value
  • Implemented the rest of the "language engine." Certain things in the framework are hardcoded and can't be un-hardcoded. Some existing things were not hardcoded anymore though. At this point, adding a simulator in a different language "SHOULD" work.
  • ISIS now sorts select lists due to a new function being added to it. So for example, take the classes you can choose from in a dropdown. By default, they were manually sorted and added. Now ISIS will create the dropdown for you with all the options provided you give the Class Names. It automatically sorts it from A-Z and instead for example of the Class dropdown containing "No Class", it has "Select a Class" now. This is the first option and you will see that when you come to the simulator without a build loaded. Less...
It looks like Part 2 of the March update to this simulator actually happened. This update for the simulator is not a huge one filled with epic changes, but it does add some new things and fixes other issues with both the framework and simulator. There were also some modifications to the user interface of the simulator.

For the full changelog, click here
Game Simulators Eoscs Second March Update
There is some confusion here. At first, there was going to be a two part update for the simulator in March. Then later, it was decided that there would be no second update, but just one update for March. However, there will be a second update to the simulator in March.

This second update brings several changes to the simulator and fixes some existing bugs. It does not include the "new UI or animation system." And by new animation system, its only going to affect a few things. The new UI does not mean a change to the entire simulator. Some parts are just going to be altered. This march update doesn't bring anything else to the table other than that.

However, one exciting new feature coming in the second march update is the ability to have up to 5 different builds or specializations to be specific. So for Specialization X you get 5 and for Y you get 5.
The March update for the Echo of Soul Character Simulator has been put on the live version of the simulator! This update brings a ton of new changes and additions to both the simulator and framework. A lot of work has been put into this version and because of that, the patch notes are rather lengthy.

Both Reyva and I worked on this new version together so we have separate patch notes for what we did. Due to that and the patch notes being lengthy, I decided this time to just link you to the thread where we post our patch notes.

Unfortunately, this update does not contain what most of you are looking for which is the User Interface and animation upgrade. Content wise, it does not bring anything new either. The Class info for example to be added is being done for the April release.

The skill data itself will remain as is until the Aeriagames version is out.

There will be no two part march update as planned due to Reyva taking a "vacation" and the upcoming big changes to the simulator for April's release. Reyva also stated that the other reason is that the Aeriagames version of EoS won't be out until May so there is no need to try and rush things. The framework and simulator should be 99.9% stable and completed by then.
Staff News Another Vacation?!
Eh, I've been working quite hard on my new framework for my existing and future game simulators. So much so that I'm wasting a lot of time off the clock working on this when it could be spent elsewhere like sitting on my butt.

While I am the core developer of this new framework that I still consider to be in beta and the fact that I really don't want my other staff members to mess with the code yet (unless you are programmer who can understand code you don't really know and what its doing), I am letting Emiri take over the project for me while I take another "vacation." Probably another two week vacation. She is more than capable of taking over the project considering all the new features to the framework and the bug fixes are nearly 100% complete. The only thing left really that needs work is the new Guild Website viewer.

I will play a minor role starting today. I'll still be posting on the forums and whatnot, but I won't touch the code for the framework unless its something Emiri really needs help on figuring out. I will really be doing what I want and just chillin for two weeks. Probably play that new Atelier Shallie game coming out soon and troll some forums as usual. Might also do some site related stuff like new stuff, fixes, etc, but not much.

Remember, Emiri and Iori work on their own time. They are not obligated to work on the simulator their entire time they are off at their real life job and/or other activities. Typically, we only become obligated depending on any donations we get. Even though I say that, Emiri will try and work on it as much as she can.
Eh, don't feel like sharing exact details, but the monthly update in March for the EoS simulator will be split into two parts. The first update is a major update to the framework and other bugfixes with the simulator. There are some things done in the simulator itself, but this update has the most changes in the framework. Several things have been either altered, added, or removed from the simulator. For most of you, this is NOT the update you're looking for.

The second part of the update which I call the content update to the simulator has the updated UI for the simulator with updates to several graphics and other things to the simulator. The about tab works and has class info. The ability to have up to 5 different builds per talent tree is also working in this update.

No release date on the first half of the update, but that will be soon. Like this week soon hopefully. The second half of the update will be later in march, probably near the end, but thats just a guess.
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