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Game Simulators August 2015 Plans
Here are my plans for the month of August in regards to simulators. First thing listed is the first thing I will be doing.

#1 - Finish the Aura Kingdom Character Simulator remaster
#2 - Begin/Finish the PSO2 Character Simulator remaster / move this simulator to the apps section on the site.
#3 - Update framework for Scarlet Blade Character Simulator to v1.07 / Make adjustments / move this simulator to the apps section on the site
#4 - Update the Swordsman Character Simulator (Same as #3)....
I have not forgotten about this simulator. I decided a month or so ago that I would not upgrade this simulator to the Hailstorm framework due to major incompatibilities mainly with the new build URL structure and just how things in general are handled.

However, I have made a new section on the site. Its called the Apps section. Now what I can do now is convert the EoS simulator to use the Hailstorm framework instead of ISIS, but you WILL NOT be able to have old build URLs work from ISIS...
Things are going smoothly for this remaster. Both the Eidolon and Character sections are both fully functional showing things like skills and more. Compared to AKCS-NT, you'll feel right at home when using this simulator. It seems to be ok with responsive design as of right now, but once the Envoy Path is worked on, things might get a bit tricky.

The next thing that I will be working on tomorrow and on forward will be the Mastery and Envoy Path sections. Mastery will be worked on first...
Version 1.07 of my Hailstorm Framework is wrapping up nicely. Version 1.07 will bring the ability for simulators to adjust themselves according to your screen size! The site itself is a responsive site, but when you go to existing hailstorm simulators prior to 1.07, the page is not responsive anymore.

This is simply due to the complexity of making a responsive simulator. Its not that easy depending on the simulator. In fact, some simulators may not be responsive at all (like the PSO2...
Site News Making it simple
I feel that I may be over complicating things when it comes to how game simulators are set up on the wiki. Therefore, I made the apps section on the site!

This section is dedicated to apps (obviously!) and things are a hell of a lot more organized there. Also, certain sections of game simulators under the Hailstorm framework will have certain things removed from it. A example would be the Hotkeys and About sections.

To make things even better for the user, everything about that...
Staff News Tired....
Over the past two months, I've been working tirelessly on my new game simulator framework while juggling my full time job in real life along with other things off the clock at work, IT freelancing, and my site. However, the past month has put me through the ringer.

Up until recently, I normally worked a shift of 8 days straight and then have a 3 day weekend to myself. However, 9 times out of 10, I never really enjoyed my 3 day weekend. 80% of the time, I was spending the time working on...
Man I HATE not having my QA person around to test these simulators before release! Here are the patch notes

- Fixed bug in mastery section where if you selected a school that had "Exo Based" nodes for school, the simulator would crash upon viewing the mastery section
In Hailstorm v1.07, I have tweaked the animation system. More elements on the simulator become "alive" and things are more lively on the simulator thus higher satisfaction from people who use x or y simulator.

It is important to know that there have been features from v1.03 on up that are not added in prior simulators even though the simulator has the latest revision of the framework. This is because updates to the framework are handled in two ways:

Code Oriented - Changes made to the...
The upcoming framework release (bundled together with the upcoming Aura Kingdom simulator) will have some new things added to it. First off, you may wonder what happened to the background on the site. Well, you could say "a storm is coming" and by that, I mean the site infrastructure will get a update. One of the new hailstorm v1.07 features will give you more information on one of these things.

#1 - Unique backgrounds per simulator
If you go to the new Aura Kingdom Character...
So the new Aura Kingdom CS remaster is currently in development now and I have some bad news for you. I stated long long ago that eventually, I would not be able to view the data files for this game for the Aeriagames version and the time is now here.

There is some kind of encryption/obfuscation going on for these files in the latest version of x-legend's game engine. The culprit started with the nif files and that may be the likely cause. However, this method of encryption/obfuscation...
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