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Game Simulators [pso2] Reyva's Current Q.a
Before a game simulator or any app in general gets released to the public, it has to pass QA...........short for Quality Assurance. While lori is responsible for QA, I feel one person being the QA person is not enough. The entire team should be QA.

My only problem is I'm not very good at being the QA guy. Each time I released a simulator or app in the past, there was always some critical bug found or some other issue after release that I didn't catch until like a week or two later....
With the mag section completed, I have now added your equipped mag to the stat info section. The current code I wrote seems to work fine with it. Didn't notice any bugs at all......yet. Only two more major things need to be added to the stats section so it functions properly.
  • Whatevs you selected in your class/subclass skill tree
  • The equipment section

With those two things complete, it would then be a true character simulator muahahaha.
Its been a while. I have been working on the simulator when I can. After 3 long hard days, I finally got the mag section complete? Well it seems complete, but I know I'm missing something. So for now, its complete.

I designed the mag section to be just like how it is ingame with a couple twists. Ingame, you click to open a menu to equip a mag. In my simulator, when you click on a mag to see its information, you also equip it. Just like the game, there will be a check mark beside...
Eh, I know trying to start a Conversation (A Private Message) with someone on the site may be a hassle since you're used to seeing it somewhere on the user's post, profile, etc so I added that to the site. There is now what looks like a mail icon or even a contact button on some pages where you can send a conversation to someone easily. A overlay window pops up and you can put in what you want and then send it while being on the same page.
Site News Security!
Eh, for those that don't know, I have "layers" of security on this site in regards to bots. I published one layer of security back in a previous post and that is incapsula. However, at the time I enabled incapsula on my site, I turned off the other layer of security since I felt it wasn't needed anymore.

However, that layer of security that I had has had some impressive updates as of late and I added it back to the site. The new layer of security pretty much removes any and all bots from...
Game Simulators Data Entry Horror Stories
When developing a game simulator, do you know what takes the most time to do and why it takes so long? Its the game data. Anyone who does programming regularly can make a decent game simulator in little time. However, it also depends on that programmer's "scope" for their simulator.

If your game simulator is only going to do one thing and one thing only, you can easily complete the simulator within the day provided you have all the data you need. If your simulator is going to do more...
Instead of working on the mags section, I opted for this tougher assignment that I was going to leave for after release. After much much work.....................I finally got it working wonderfully! Haha that code I wrote I thought wasn't going to work at first, but everything worked out in the end.

My original intent for the Ability customization was to have you press the customize button and then a modal window pops up. You put in your information and click on apply changes and...
Eh I wasn't going to show screenshots of this, but I made some changes in the Photon Art and Technique sections that are kinda significant. Those changes in question deal with the "I" aka "Info button." The user clicks on this to see more information about the Photon Art / Tech.

However, from a lazy point of view, why do I have to click on that to see that? It should automatically show that when I click on the Photon Art/Tech or when I change my level.

Ingame, you click on whatevs to...
So here I am yet again with another update on this simulator. I figure people would prefer this method vs 304830483 threads on the PSO2 Simulator forums. I have accomplished two major tasks.
  • Updated design on the Photon Art Info
  • Completed Technique Info section
Here is what the Technique info section looks like. Both the Photon Art and Technique Info sections follow the same design so I'm not showing two shots.

Got around to working on this some more today. First off, I added all the Photon Arts........somewhat. Cirnopedia has not been updated to where it shows the new photon arts. So I have to use the JP wiki. So technically, it has every photon art except the new ones that were released in a recent update.

I completed the right side window aka Photon Art Details. Here is a screenshot of that and some proof that every photon art section is completed by showing something other than the sword...
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