Jade Dynasty Sunstrider Update – New Level Cap!

Reyva on Jul 25, 2013 at 9:33 PM
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    Adventurers, the Sunstrider Update is coming soon to Jade Dynasty, including a new level cap, new gear, and two new zones!

    Searching for Shaw Danon, Anan and Chen Hsin have pierced the barrier separating Archaia from the Sunstrider lands, releasing the power beyond. New power awaits in Sunstrider City and Inferna for those who can restore peace to Archaia…


    With the release of the Sunstrider Update, you’ll be able to reach LV160 Ascended, and equip yourself with two new tiers of gears, plus embed new Fatecharms for stat boosts.

    The titanic Coronation system is also getting an update. Between the monthly PvP battles, the server’s Sovereign will be able to get more Sovereign Power by having other players complete quests, and the new Hot Springs system has daily rewards.


    The new Sunstrider map is the ruins of a once-great city, with a dusty desert interrupted only by jagged obsidian and the quest hub of Sunstrider City.


    Inferna is two mountainous halves, separated by a chasm down the center of the map. On one side, it’s verdant and green, watched over by a gigantic green dragon statue; on the other, the Scarlet Citadel of Inferna dominates a hellish landscape.


    The new gear looks awesome, befitting the demigod you’ve become. Click any of these screenshots for a full-sized version!


    Stay tuned for more previews, including in-depth looks at Fatecharms, the Sovereign Power quests and more. The Sunstrider Update will come out towards the end of summer – are you ready for godhood?


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