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It may look like we're inactive, but currently we are working on simulators......rebuilding old ones and creating new ones. A lot of attention has to be taken away in other areas in order to complete them. Here is the activity on the site the past few months

Scarlet Blade Character Simulator complete
Swordsman Character Simulator complete

Now we are working on the Jade Dynasty Character simulator which will take a large chunk of our time unlike the other simulators.
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The Aura Kingdom simulator was updated today and after many changes made due to the framework update, its finally ready to be used by the public. Any cookies the simulator used will be removed the minute you go to the page.....everything except your Builds in your Save slots that is. Below is the patch notes for the simulator.


  • Framework Update to NT v3. This changed how the entire simulator looks and operates among other things.
  • Bugfix - Athena picture and icon were not showing. Files were not on the CDN
  • Bugfix - Resetting the simulator now doesn't show the Envoy Path of the previous class + other icons
  • Change - Samurai picture changed to Ronin. Other pictures pending for a update the same as Ronin
  • Change - Skill summary temporarily removed. Redesign in process.
  • Change - Simulator Themes disabled. Only 1 theme available. Others are pending once the theme framework is implemented completely.
  • Change - Old Simulator options...
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Here is a magic list of changes made to the wiki this morning. Its not a lengthy list.
  • Added Necromancer skills
  • Changed layout on Eidolon skill pages (partially)
  • Fixed bug where the Samurai class did not appear under the Usable classes section for some Eidolon class skills (Vayu, Cleopawtra, Ghodroon, Tigerius Caesar)
  • w3c compliance fixes
  • Altered Ranger values used for skill damage calculation. This may affect the AG version as this came straight from the TW version. If it shows incorrect information now, its because of this. AG version should get the same update in the future.
  • Altered Ranger / Samurai global cooldown values
  • Cooldown on Class Combo skills changed to 60 secs instead of 120 secs.
  • Updated AKCS NT Simulator
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Otherwise known on this site as the Necromancer class, the Scythe class got released on the TW version today. The wiki covers some of that information already as far as skills and whatnot, but its missing some other things. The wiki shall be updated with all the Scythe information in the coming hour.
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Cleaned up the forums. Spammer central. Sorry about not acting sooner.